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As a subsidiary of Modicon, we at 3D Tech, understand your need. Our passion comes from understanding the need for creative and innovate thinking beyond everyday routines.
Our story started from a need for a bushing to surround a part. At the time there were no easy solutions. The only choice was to create a tool, make the part, and hope it would work. Creating a mould is expensive and time consuming, but what choices does anyone have if you’re not a large scale company with your own research and development department? We had to do it.
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"3D Tech tremendously helped me for my project. Their professional designers were able to design my gadget to perfection. It was truly great the end product of their printers. The part was rally strong and highly accurate.

Keep up the good work guys!!"

- Avindra Amarasinghe -

"I went to 3D Tech with my brand new idea and they polished it up. They made what I was thinking. They just converted my dream thing to live with combining their excellent ideas. 3D Tech is not just a prototyping company. 3D Tech is a house for technology. Good luck 3D Tech!"

- Sahan Hasitha -